Mini Book Review | Mercy by Jodi Picoult

A Jodi Picoult book is never good for my heart. Never. Mercy is a 1996 book and yet I can see something like this (the story of the book) happening today, thirteen years later, and it would still be a question about right or wrong.

Mercy is a book on 'mercy killing.' Jamie MacDonald couldn't bear to see his wife withering away because of cancer. So when she asks him to kill her, Jamie does so, because Jamie wouldn't ever betray his Maggie. Jamie drives himself and his dead wife to the town of Wheelock, where his cousin - Cameron (Cam) MacDonald is the police chief. Also, thousand of years of legacy makes Cam a protector of his town. So when Jamie comes to Cam, Cam is put into a dilemma whether he should reach out to Jamie because of his blood ties or whether he should give Jamie up to law's hands. 

Simultaneously Cam and his wife - Allie's story progresses. Allie is a devoted wife to Cam and this is the first time she is going against Cam, to side with Jamie and his conscience. And when a newcomer Mia comes to Wheelock and takes up a spot in Allie's life as her assistant, Allie's well-built life is shaken. 

The way I held my breath till the last page of the book proves how much I invested myself into the story. I just couldn't stop reading. I found myself turning the last few pages of the book, for my mental satisfaction, to know whether Jamie and Allie would finally find peace. I loved reading about Jamie's devotion to Maggi, the glimpses to the past where Jamie and Maggie led a happy life made my heart warm up with giddiness. Even Allie and Cam's story, about betrayal and lost love, about not knowing what would happen to your married life the next second, figuratively tugged my heart. With a heavy heart I finished this book. One hell of a ride it was. 


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