Mini Book Review | Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

I have no idea why I had been holding back from reading a Murakami book for this long. Maybe because they are so hyped and I didn't want to be disappointed or maybe because I thought they'd just go above my head. Whatever I thought was just so wrong. In fact, I should have had read it sooner. Norwegian Wood is officially the first Murakami novel I read (I had read a vintage mini before so I kind of knew what sort of stories he weaves) and I'm just so in love.

In Norwegian Wood, Murakami weaves a simple love story of a young college student. Toru Watanabe had lost his best friend Kizuki to suicide, and years later he meets his dead friend's girlfriend Naoko, a girl who is fighting hers and Kizuki's demons. Toru is conflicted between his love for Naoko, a broken girl and Midori, a girl ready to fight everything for Toru. This is Toru's story as he reminisces his University days decades later when he hears Naoko's favourite The Beatles song, 'Norwegian Wood.'

I loved how this oh-so-simple plot could be so interesting and intriguing. It kept me on the edge, it made me wonder how different people could be. Toru's way of life, his views of life, the way he talks is so different with other major characters from the book. Their little quirks make them so different, some being likable even if you want to dislike them and vice versa. 

From Toru's mindful philosophy about life to his sexual escapades, every little thing about this book made me fall in love with this book. Toru's relationship with other significant characters and how they changed him, made him, built him up, and how he in turn touched their lives, gives a beautiful picture to the story. I don't want to give away anything from the story because every minuscule thing is a surprise in the book. There are things that will make you happy, sad, and even glad that it happened.

If you want to read a Murakami book then you should definitely start your journey with this book, like me. You should definitely read this Murakami book. 


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