Mini Book Review | The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern

 Cecelia Ahern books are sort of a guilty pleasure of mine but this story did not strike a chord with me. I was slightly disappointed. It's nonetheless endearing but somehow dragged a bit. But yeah, if you love stories about sisterhood and just personal growth, then this book might as well be for you.

This story is about Jasmine and her sister Heather and her neighbour across the street, Matt. After headstrong and career-oriented Jasmine has been fired from her job and put on a gardening leave, she harbours her free time and energy into growing a garden and hating on Matt. Matt is a radio talk show host who had years earlier unknowingly hit a raw nerve in Jasmine by joking about Down Syndrome, because Heather has the same illness, and Jasmine had promised herself to never let any harm come Heather's way.

What started out as a hate agenda, slowly turned into development of a new frendship. Matt's family had been falling apart from him for a long time, and Jasmine quietly watched Matt's wife and children walk out of his life. Even though Jasmine's initial thought was that Matt deserved it, the both of them form an unusual bond because of Heather, and Jasmine's blooming garden. In the process of knowing Matt and help him out sort his life, Jasmine discovers herself.

I loved how the story has no romantic connotations. The story shows personal development through others. Though I found Jasmin's character to be very stringent, the 'character growth' agenda of this book through - a series of unfortunate events, building of unlikely relationships and metaphors of the changing seaon, has added depth to this story. 


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