A Must Read Adult Romance Series | Sinners of Saint by L.J. Shen

Never had I imagined that I would be writing a post about adult romances or I'd click a picture of books with covers showing half-naked men with six-pack abs. But here I am.

I used to abhor this genre because the idea of enjoying an adult romance made me uncomfortable. Reading smut was strictly constricted to fanfics. I love enemies turning to lovers trope though. So a random Twitter post about this particular trope led me to its comment thread where someone posted about Vicious. The very first book of the series. I searched the book in my e-reader and there it was. I consumed the 4 books in 3 days and I don't regret it one bit. I was sucked right into it. 

Sinners of Saints is based on the love lives of the four HotHoles - Baron 'Vicious' Spencer, Dean Cole, Trent Rexroth and Jaime Followhill. These HotHoles are the most popular and influencial boys in the suburbs of Todos Santos. Studying in All Saints High, these four boys have utmost superiority over everyone else. Their bond in thicker than blood. Each of the books focuses on the how four women, each of them very strong, beautiful and passionate, sweep the HotHoles from their feet.

The best thing about the books is that they give proper justice to the growth of the relationships in each of them. The first book is about Vicious Spencer and Emilia LeBlanc. Vicious has had an eye on Emilia since high school but could never wrap his head around the fact that he likes her. When Dean and Emilia starts dating, Vicious devices ways to get them apart. Ten years later, the four HotHoles are successful millionaires and Vicious meets Emilia again. The subsequent slow burn of their romance, the hatred and jealousy, and how they reluctantly admit their feelings for each other is one hot mess but it's beautiful.

The subsequent books - Ruckus and Scandalous - tells Dean and Trent's story spontaneously. Defy is the fourth book in the series, about Jaime, which is actually the prequel to the first book.

What's beautiful about these books are the slow burn, the pace with which the characters tease each other, slowly and altogether falling in love. The romance is passionate, the sexual tension persists throughout the story and the characters' background, the core reason of their beings, blooms beautifully giving justice to every single character. The books span over decades. Thus giving us readers the opportunity to explore their childhood, teenagehood and adulthood as we read the 4 books.

Read this series for the plot, not just for the hot romance. Read this series for the characters and their tragedy, not for their hot bods. I recommend this book to everyone who read adult romances and to those who want to give this genre a try. 


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