Book review | Assignment Destruction by Mayank Sehgal

Author: Mayank Sehgal

No. of pages: 210

Genre: Action

Published by: Paper Towns Publishers

Published on: 1st January 2019

Format: Paperback

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Jimmy Bhatia and his friends are your typical young engineers turned IT (un)professionals, stuck in the rat race with no end. They drink, smoke and diss about their managers and leads. Until Jimmy finds a little escape in the form of ‘The Club.’ But when does the universe ever lets you rest and escape? It’s 2008, and the recession hits the economy! Jimmy’s friends lose their job and one by one he starts losing them too. Now it’s up to Jimmy and a few other IT guys to take a stand against the injustice. Their enemy, a bone-crushing white collar job and the depressing corporate slavery environment! But can a few IT guys change how the world works?

A story of revolt against the whole industry, this book deals with the youth, their hopes and dreams, friendship, heartbreaks, addiction, suppressed anger, death and a dangerous idea of annihilation!

Assignment Destruction: Story of a few IT guys, is a gripping narration of revolution and self-discovery

I was quite surprised with the direction the story headed. It starts out with two IT professionals, Jimmy and Rohan, cribbing about their jobs and then them joining a secret club named The Club that carries on secret adventure-like missions and then Rohan losing his job and then a series of unfortunate events.

The turn of events in the story are totally unexpected and that's what makes the book interesting. In one moment Rohan and Jimmy are fooling around, cracking jokes about their heads and their pathetic and boring lives, and the next moment there's angst and major drama and everything turns gloomy and serious. This made it extremely difficult for me to restrict the book to just one genre.

There is heavy usage of modern slang in the book that some might not like, but otherwise the book has its share of humour, drama and action. Though, the first part of the story shows the fun side of Jimmy, our protagonist, the second part shows Jimmy's life going topsy-turvy after his best friend goes missing. The way the author has portrayed Jimmy's coping mechanism in the hectic Indian IT sector, makes the story very realistic. His relationship with his other friends and the Fight Club members and their pov about taking revenge on the IT companies for laying off employees makes the book an interesting read.

The narrative was a bit confusing at first because it was essentially in third person but sometimes it swerved to first person narrative. It was confusing but then the second part of the book explains why. The conversational dialogues in the book are well structured and written. Overall the storytelling style is very informal and it worked well for the story. 

Mayank is exploring new opportunities, mostly in the field of writing and storytelling. Many incidents in this book are inspired from real events that happened with him, his friends and people he came across during his employment of more than four years in an IT company and during the course of his bachelor life in Pune. The book is written with utmost honesty, truth and with a lot of passion. Hope you guys will appreciate it.

I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


  1. Thanks for the eloborative review. Does justice to the story :)


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