Book review | Very Nice by Marcy Dermansky

Author: Marcy Dermansky

No. of pages: 294

Genre: Comedy, Contemporary Fiction

Published by: Bloomsbury Publishing

Published on: 2nd July 2019

Format: Paperback

My rating: ★★★★☆

Rachel Klein never meant to kiss her creative writing professor, but with his long eyelashes, silky hair and the sad, beautiful life he laid bare on Twitter, she does, and the kiss is very nice.

Zahid Azzam never planned to become a houseguest in his student's sprawling Connecticut home, but with the sparkling swimming pool, the endless supply of strawberries and Rachel's beautiful mother, he does, and the home is very nice.

Becca Klein never thought she'd have a love affair so soon after her husband leaves her for a younger woman, but when her daughter's professor walks into her home, bringing with him a poodle named Princess, she does, and the affair turns out to be... a very bad idea.

An ingenious blend of sex, secrets and betrayal, Very Nice is a sharp, compulsive take on modern life from one of America's most exciting novelists.

Rachael Klein falls in love with her creative writing professor Zahid Azzam. So when Zahid asks Rachael to take care of his poodle when he leaves for Pakistan for a few weeks, Rachael readily agrees. And when Rachael takes the poodle home and her mother enthusiastically takes in the poodle after her own poodle died months ago and her husband left her for a younger woman. 

Zahid's Pakistan trip is cut short and but unfortunately he can't come back to his apartment because he had already sublet it to his best friend's twin sister. Zahid then decides to ask Rachael to let him stay at his house. Wha Rachael takes to be a gesture of love from her professor's side is actually a selfish move. But behind Rachael's back, her mother Becca falls in love with Zahid and vice versa. 

As hilarious turns unfurl in the story more unfortunate and fortunate events take place in Rachael's life. All she wanted was her professor's love but life's lemons have given her her professor taking residence at her house and her mother's heart and a bunch of problems. 

A twist and salty tale, this book was just the right book that I needed when I was looking for a light read that would keep me hooked and entertained. This book is a no-brainer - you read and laugh and enjoy it. 

The book provided me with ample 'oh' moments when certain connections between the many characters unveiled in the most comic way. You will find yourself rooting for Rachael and her desperate situations makes this book funnier. I loved how Rachael launches herself at her problems and how she finally decides to turn the tables after being frustrated with everyone and everything. 

I loved how the author takes a jab at racism and sexism in the most un-serious manner. Her characters' fear about being perceived as racist or sexist even though they are not and then going all what-the-heck-people-can't-take-a-joke mode mirrors perfectly what everyone of us faces generally - a constant fear of not being able to make a joke without being judged. But the author does not fail to show the casual sexism at corporate workplaces. 

You could say that this book is a satirical one. A satire about rich people's life - their broken marriage and one spouse running off with somebody younger, about pseudo-feminism, about closeted racism and homophobia, about the current state of American politics, and even about STDs (yes, the Sexually Transmitted Diseases one).

I loved author Marcy Dermansky's writing style. It's simple, fluid and lucid. To the point writing style and no beating around the bush. I especially loved the dialogues - very brutal, honest and relatable. 

This book is a whole package of entertainment and is sure to tickle your funny bone. 

I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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