Book review | Sitanshu: Guardians of the Blue Lotus - 2 by Anita Shirodkar

Author: Anita Shirodkar 

Genre: Fantasy fiction 

No. of pages: 309

Published on: 14th May 2018

Published by: Author'sUpfront | The Write Place

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★★★★✩

As the divine Blue Lotus Indivara sprouts an ominous red petal, its guardians must do everything in their power to protect it and their kingdom. Aryavir and Sitanshu march to the border of Kalipura for a bloody showdown with the Chandraketu King Divyendu. It seems as if the Kamal Akshi Army with its peerless long-haired Kesakuta warriors cannot lose a war, but the wily enemies of Kamalkund have diabolical plans that are not written in any rule book. Thanks to the evil machinations of the Mayakari Queen Tamasi and wily King Kratu, Aryavir and Sitanshu are facing the battle of their lives.

With hidden ancient secrets that are known only to the revered Maheshwari Masters, the mythological Old World is about to be plunged into intrigue and danger its denizens could never have imagined. Powerful kings face mortality, relationships are tested to their breaking point and the Great War of Sompur will bring completely unexpected repercussions.

Written with the classic Indian ethos, Sitanshu, the second part of the Guardians of the Blue Lotus Trilogy, pays homage to India's magnificent mythological heritage and takes the reader on a journey into the heart of human passions.

Anita Shirodkar does it again! The second book in the Guardians of the Blue Lotus Trilogy is as masterfully written as the first book. The first book ended with a cliffhanger and this book starts right off from where the previous one ends. After Lakshya gets captured in Drakkar, Eshan and Eshwari rescues him and brings him back to Kamalkund. But with the impending war at Sompur, both Lakshya and Aryavir's futures are at stake. The Chandraketu King, Divyendu and Kratu have joined forces to bring King Chiraksh down. Meanwhile Tamasi is waiting for her curse to work on Aryavir. Sitanshu's parentage is revealed and he realizes that he has a great role to play in the war and also in Aryavir's life. 

While the first book focused a lot on the Royal family and their extended family and the whole story build-up, the second book has a lot of action and a lot of revelations. I loved how the story matured into a race-against-time plot, the different characters finally meeting each other, with a lot of intricate timelines coming into play.

Like the plot, the characters have matured a lot too. As the title of the book says, this part focuses a lot on Sitanshu. I loved reading it. I read this book holding by breath because the suspense got too thick and I just had to know how it ended. Now I'm on the 3rd book and the twist in the story is just too much to take. Anita Shirodkar has built such an amazingly different mythological world. While other authors have stuck their stories to the same old avatars of Hindu God's (especially Vishnu and Shiva), Shirodkar has created something novel and dramatically stunning.
The book has been written in a very serious undertone and personally I feel that that made the book even better. The author has laid down intricate plots and details in a very clear and precise manner. It made my reading experience very enjoyable. The dialogues between the characters (considering they are Royal and belonged to ancient times) added to the serious essence of the book. I enjoyed reading this book so so much.

A student of Applied Art, Anita graduated from Sophia Polytechnic and spent 20 years in advertising and graphic design. Recent design and writing assignments encompass brochures, corporate identity design, food writing, store design, and a coffee table book on India. Anita is Creative Consultant to Tamarind Global, an Event and Destination Management Company based in India. She resides in Mumbai and Dubai. Her hobbies and interests range from world cuisine and photography to oil painting and spirituality.
Anita's first work of fiction Secrets and Second Chances was published in July 2014, followed by Nights in Pink Satin in 2015 and an eBook, Adriana's Smile, in 2016.
The Guardians of the Blue Lotus - Aryavir is the first book of a trilogy.

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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