Mini Book Review | When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

When you reach me

Have you read a book so beautiful that you've felt light and happy? When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead is one such book. A delicately written piece on friendship and dreams with a really interesting and tight suspense plot, this book has touched my heart in ways I cannot possibly explain.

The book is narrated by our 12 year old protagonist, Miranda. Miranda belongs to a family who dreams to become rich one day because that would make their problems go away. But Miranda and her mother are a happy little family in their own way. One day Miranda receives a cryptic note and that freaks her out. A couple of more notes, explicitly meant only for her eyes, proves Miranda that they are notes written by someone from the future and the said person is trying to save her best friend - Sal's life. The person has been trying to guide Miranda through a chain of unfortunate events involving her friends and her friendship with them.

The book has a tinge of everything - from science fiction to suspense. And it's very much inspired by the book A Wrinkle In Time. In fact I feel that Miranda's character is itself based on  Meg (A Wrinkle In Time's protagonist). I am so much in love with this book. The way the author has narrated the story, there's a feel good factor in it. Rarely I've read books in one sitting and this is one such book. The humour, the tragedy, the panic in Maranda and an amazingly described revelation at the end makes this book oh-so-perfect.

This book is categorized under Children's fiction but this book is beyond that. As an adult I was moved by this book and it definitely should be read by all. I came across this book by mere chance and bought it. It was seriously the best decision I ever made. In fact I want to read Rebecca Stead's other books but they are costly. Only this book is available cheap on Flipkart and Amazon for our Indian readers, so go get this book and read the he'll out of it! 


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