Mini Book Review | The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino

What a ride it was! I needed to open my review with this sentence because it truly did blow my mind. After a long long time finally this book could make me stay awake till 3 in the morning. I just couldn't go to sleep without knowing what happens in the end. 

When Yasuko's ex-husband comes back to her and her daughter's life, she knows that it will only bring her ill-fate. Soon trouble follows and Yasuko is left with no choice but to kill him. Yasuko wants to turn herself to the police but her daughter refuses to let her. That's when their neighbour Ishigami comes to their rescue.

Detective Kusanagi has been handed with the case of Togashi's murder. Even though some clues lead to his ex-wife, Yasuko has strong alibi to cover her up. No matter what happens, Kusanagi comes at a dead end. The evidences are placed all over, but whoever the murderer is has been able to confuse the detective profusely.

I legit can't spill more than this because the mystery starts from the very first page. The book is filled with raging suspense and a thrilling plot that will just not let you keep the book down! This is a brilliantly executed book that keeps you hooked right until the last page. The best thing about The Devotion of Suspect X is that you will find a new turn in the plot at every single page (I'm not exaggerating at all).

Well I really don't have much to tell about this book because I'm genuinely not worthy of writing a review for this book. You have to read it for yourself. The book is not only about a thrilling crime and it's chase but also has beautiful metaphors from science that will make you go wow! Just read it. Just. Read. It! 


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