Mini Book Review | Change Of Heart by Jodi Picoult

I'm always amazed by Picoult's capability to make her readers go on an emotional turbulence while reading her book. And this is exactly why I love a Jodi Picoult book. But somehow Change of Heart disappointed me a bit. Not because it failed to send me on an emotional roller-coaster ride (because it did send me) but because the plot was a tad bit slow and the multiple narration system that she applies in all of her books did not work well this time.

In Change Of Heart, our protagonist is Shay Bourne, a convicted murderer of a seven year old young girl and her step-father who had been charged with a death sentence. But he wants to donate his heart to June's (the widow) remaining daughter - Claire who has a heart disease. Only this act of donating his organ would bring peace to Shay. But how can June accept his first daughter's murderer's last act of kindness?

While other Jodi Picoult books has a plot, lots of drama, a court room battle and a bittersweet ending, Change Of Heart has a huge twist and that's when I felt that reading the book was worth it! If you are a Jodi Picoult fan then you SHOULD read this book because it's slightly different from other books but if you want to try a Picoult book for the very first time then definitely not this. 


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