Mini Book Review | Same But Different by Holly Robinson Peete, Ryan Elizabeth Peete and RJ Peete

Have you ever read a book about autism narrated by the autistic kid themself? Same But Different is a wonderful book by Holly Robinson Peete who wrote this book together with her twins - Ryan and her autistic brother RJ. Though they have changed the characters' name to Callie and Charlie, the book is a representation of Ryan and RJ's life.

The book is a reflection of Ryan and RJ's lives - how Charlie feels to be an autistic teen in high school, what autism does to him and why he just wants to be a normal high school teenager; and how Callie has to deal with everyone's questions in school about Charlie, how she is the only person who can manage Charlie's tantrums and how she feels to be the 'sister-of-the-autistic-kid-in-school.'

In a way, the book beautifully describes the symbiotic relationship between Callie and Charlie and also manages to make it a somewhat educational book about autism.

This is a Middle Grade read and would be a great children's read too! Since it is written and narrated from two teens' perspective, this would be a super relatable read. I love how it describes Charlie's struggles in school - in making friends and coping up with school work - from his perspective.

I would love to recommend this book to you guys!


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