Mini Book Review | Tin Man by Sarah Winman

Tin Man is a very heartfelt story of two men in love and their loss, spanning over decades. Ellis has grown up in a patriarchal household where his father is the living embodiment of toughness and masculinity, and his mother hangs a painting of fifteen bright yellow sunflowers, that she'd won during her pregnancy, as her only act of defiance. At fifteen, Ellis meets Michael; and they know right at that moment what their future would hold.

Both of them grow up together cycling around the streets of Oxford. They become bonded with their bodies and their love for each other. But before Michael can strengthen their love forever with his spoken words, Ellis lets it known that they are not meant to be. And when Annie enters their world, their lives change forever.

Tin Man is a love story like no other. A tragic yet beautifully written book that shows what one can do for love's sake. The book got a little confusing at times for me, as the story went to and fro time. But this book definitely takes a bow from me. In a world of tragic romance novels, Tin Man takes a top spot.

What makes this book more tragic, is that, the story is about two gay men, growing in a world of patriarch, struggling with their sexuality, seeking happiness. 


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