Mini Book Review | A Midsummer's Equation by Keigo Higashino

I can't explain enough how much I've fallen in love with Keigo Higashino's works. Ever since I read and loved The Devotion of Suspect X, I was itching to read his other works. And A Midsummer's Equation is nothing less. I cannot stress enough, but, A Midsummer's Equation made me go on an emotional turbulent ride and increased heart rate and I've enjoyed every bit of it.

In an once booming seaside town, Hari Cove, a convention is held where imminent people from various fields have come to hear what an underwater mining company has to say regarding their mining expeditions without interrupting the local flora and fauna. On the second day of the convention, an ex-police detective who had attended the event has been found dead after falling over the seawall and cracking his skull on the rocks. What seems like an accident, is soon found out to be a case of monoxide poisoning. Physicist Yukawa, or, 'Detective Galileo' was the only other guest staying at the local inn where the victim was staying. Physicist Yukawa knows there's something more to the death than just monoxide poisoning. As the Physicist goes on with his own, secret, investigation, Detective Kusanagi unfurls the ex-police detective's past and the past of many others who might have been unfortunately involved with the crime.

The book sucked me in right from the very first page. While some reviews told me that they didn't like this book that much because it's long and many left the book halfway through, I loved that the book is long. Because, as I was reading, the very thought of no knowing what more could me there in the next pages made me excited. Higashino has thrown many easter eggs throughout the book and discovering what each of them meant in the following chapters and the final revelation made my head spin with excitement and I could feel the adrenaline rush.

Higashino has this excellent calibre of throwing in science and technology in his stories through Physicist Yukawa without making the overall book uninteresting. A Midsummer's Equation has the perfect balance of emotions, science, crime, and even humour. You gotta read this book to know why I've fallen in love with this book so hard. Just read the book. And for crime thriller and true crime addicts, who love being sitting on the edge and gasping after every revelation, this book is meant for you. 


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