Mini Book Review | If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo

If I Was Your Girl is one of the most beautiful and heart-warming book I've read so far. It touched my heart and my life and I'm honestly just so glad I read this book.

This book is about Amanda, an eighteen year old trans girl who has moved to a new town to leave behind her painful past as Andrew, and start a new life. She has to move in with her father who was once very unsupportive of her life decision and now has reluctantly accepted her as his daughter. In her new school Amanda makes new friends and starts falling in love with Grant. Though Grant is the sweetest boy she has ever met, Amanda cannot reveal about her past yet to Grant, or anyone else in this new town, because she doesn't know how they will react to the news.

The book has the most simplest plot, and yet it has conveyed such strong emotions through it. Honestly, I'd never know what trans people go through both emotionally and physically when they transition, and this book has helped me understand it a bit. Reading about Amanda's struggles with her divorced parents and bullies and her own identity has somehow made me a different person today. Meredith Russo being an own voices author is a cherry on the top.

Please read this book! This book is not in anyway going to disappoint you, I swear!


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