Mini Book Review | Wind/Pinball by Haruki Murakami

 I read this one almost 3 and a half months ago and honestly I don't even remember 20% of what had happened in this book, or what this book was about. Maybe, my memory went down the drain or something, but honestly this Murakami book... just... didn't... click, I guess?
 It has two Novellas, and these are Murakami's earliest works. The first story is named Wind and it has this weird character named The Rat with whom the narrator hangs out with and chugs lots of beer. The narrator also talks about the student unrest that was going on in Japan during the 1960s, and a girl who the narrator falls in love with and who dies (?). The story does go somewhere but I was apparently lost the whole time I was reading it, so please don't attack me. You know right, how Murakami novels are, you miss one word and you have to turn back 20 pages to understand what just happened.

The second Novella named Pinball is set years after what happened in Wind. It kinda made much more sense other than this part where the narrator comes back home and finds two identically twin sisters sleeping on his bed. They don't have a name, and they don't have a home and the narrator just takes them in and starts living with them. I'm dumb, I don't realize the symbolism, but WHY WOULD ANYONE LIVE WITH STRANGE TWIN SISTERS WHO REPEAT EACH OTHER'S SENTENCES AND DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THEY ARE? Okay, so yeah... the narrator has this weird obsession about these Pinball machines and goes on a Pinball-machine-hunt about the last 3 remaining Pinball machines in Japan. Talk about being obsessed. Smh.

 At this point I feel like I'm writing this after being on crack. Please don't attack me. This is like the most unreliable book review ever. Tell me again, why I do this stuff?


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