Book review | Destination Wedding by Diksha Basu

Author: Diksha Basu 

Genre: Contemporary fiction 

No. of pages: 286

Published by: Bloomsbury India 

Published on: 28th July 2020

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★★★★☆

Tina wants to feel Indian. Really Indian. Not Indian in the sense of attending a yoga class in Brooklyn, in the country her parents moved to to make a new life for themselves. She wants to know the real India, only whenever she visits, people take her to bars and restaurants and boutiques that could be anywhere in the world.

She gets her chance to get to know the country when she heads to Delhi for her glamorous cousin Shefali's week-long wedding, with her best friend Marianne, her parents and her mother's all-American boyfriend in tow. Navigating a world of Delhi playboys, models, dating agencies for widows, and wedding guests with personal bodyguards, Tina is determined to have an authentic Indian experience, now if only someone would tell her what that was...

Even though Tina Das has been born and brought up in The States, she wants to embrace her Indian-ness. But she doesn't know how to. Her divorced parents and their new lives have made it even more difficult for her to explore her culture. So when she is invited to her cousin's grandiose week-long marriage ceremony in suburban Delhi, she takes this as her opportunity to explore her Indian side. Tina, along with her single father, her mother and her mother's boyfriend, and her best friend Marianne, explore their individual life decisions, and their present and future is decided during this week-long marriage extravaganza. 

Diksha Basu's Destination Wedding is book full of comic representation of many a social issues. The blatant showcase of India's upper-class people and their mindless wedding ceremonies and the poor struggling to put their foot into a decent position in the social strata is something I loved in this book. The story has a myriad of characters, all so very different from each other, adding to the satirical element of the book. I loved all the comical exchange in the dialogues even more than the story itself.

Throughout the book, you'll see the characters explore their wants and feelings and their relationship with others. In a way you'll see their personal growth. There were times I got irritated with Tina for trying too hard to fit in; with Marianne for falling for the wrong guy; heck, I even got mad at  Shefali for being such an obnoxious bride. But this just shows how attached I became with these characters over a span of just 200+ pages. 

This book will make you feel good. Everything ends well and happily. Needless to say, the book is a bit predictable, but this book is wholesome on its own way. Take this book to the beach, take this book to your terrace and read, take this book to your favourite corner in your house and read. Enjoy this beautiful and heartfelt book the way you want. 

Diksha Basu is a writer and actor. Originally from New Delhi, she holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University and now divides her time between New York and Mumbai. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed and the BBC.

I received a copy of the book from the Publisher in exchange of an honest and unbiased review


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