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After all, there’s no such thing as a perfect person. It’s naive and unfair to think that just because you’re infatuated with someone, they’re somehow better than everyone, somehow more than human.


"I believe future history will be different, though, because these narratives of superiority will be challenged by narratives of equality. The way we remember the world as it is will be entirely new.”


I didn’t know how to tell her what I wanted to tell her without sounding massively cheesy. It was like she’d made me taller or something. Like she’d seen where I could fit into the world and helped me get to that place.


"There’s no point in having a voice if you don’t use it, and it isn’t enough to use your voice to only speak your truth. If lies that oppress any people go unchallenged, if these lies are allowed to share space with the truth, they start to seem valid."


"Groundless confidence is one of my special skills."


"Oh. Just that you should always remember that men, almost entirely without exception, are complete idiots."


"The darkness other people have to endure is the price for the light we enjoy. If history teaches us anything, it should teach us to not only look at the lights we kept on, but also the lights we put out.”


" punishing people for what we judge to be sins, by hurting them, we all become sinners. The only thing we have to do with other people is to be careful with their hearts. That’s all. Who is forgiven, who is punished, it’s not our business.”


"...there were some things you couldn’t compromise on. The things that were part of you, that made up who you were, had to be appreciated by the people who claimed to love you. Otherwise, they were just trying to make you what they were."


Then I kissed her again.

And she kissed me back.

And I understood what an oasis is, when you’re in the desert.

And what dawn is, when you’re surrounded by darkness.

And what music is, when all you’ve known is silence.

And what hope is, when your heart is broken.


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