Book review | I Am The Night by Ethan Cross


Author: Ethan Cross

No. of pages: 381

Genre: Crime Thriller, Suspense, Psychological thriller

Published by: Aries Fiction

Published on: 20th August 2020

Format: eBook

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Marcus Williams and Francis Ackerman Jr. are both killers. But while Williams is tortured by the deaths he has caused, Ackerman takes pleasure in his murders. 

Williams is a former New York City homicide detective. 

Ackerman is a serial killer. 

And both men are about to become unwilling pawns in a conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of US government. They will be plunged deep into a hellish underworld of murderers and killers. They will find that there is more that connects them than divides them... and that their lives depend on it.

I Am The Night by Ethan Cross is a psychological tug-of-war between two killers - Ackerman, the serial killer and Marcus, a former homicide detective. The book starts out with a vivid glimpse into Ackerman's gruesome killing tactics, how he plays psychological games and tortures his victims. Meanwhile, Marcus inherits a ranch in the countryside and starts a new life, leaving his past in New York. When an innocent elderly neighbour gets killed in a similar grisly way like Ackerman's style,  Marcus gets himself entangled in Ackerman's games.

I love psychological thrillers and this book fulfills my love for that genre. While the book disects the psychology of murderers, especially notable infamous serial killers throughout history, using Ackerman's character, it also spuns out an exciting tale of revenge. I certainly loved the plot, and it would have been gripping, if not for the sudden changes in narrative perspective, after every chapter. It was confusing at first, this change in point of view. The book takes its own sweet time to come to the point, because it takes the first 50 pages trying to establish Ackerman's antisocial personality. I would have definitely given this book an extra star, if it wasn't so long.

From the first page itself, the story of the book makes you interested in knowing what happens to Ackerman, how is this calculating killer going to get caught, that it makes the book unputdownable from the very beginning. However, trigger warning alert - the book is filled with scenes of violence and a few graphic description of the murder victims. And, a great many fight scenes that become repetitive afterwards. 

Ethan Cross is the award-winning international bestselling author of The Shepherd (described by #1 bestselling author Andrew Gross as "A fast paced, all too real thriller with a villain right out of James Patterson and Criminal Minds."), The Prophet (described by bestselling author Jon Land as "The best book of its kind since Thomas Harris retired Hannibal Lecter"), The Cage, Callsign: Knight, Father of Fear, The Judas Game, and Blind Justice. In addition to writing and working in the publishing industry, Ethan has also served as the Chief Technology Officer for a national franchise, recorded albums and opened for national recording artists as lead singer and guitar player in a musical group, and been an active and involved member of the International Thriller Writers organization. He lives and writes in Illinois with his wife, three kids, and two Shih Tzus.

I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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