Mini Book Review | Malice by Keigo Higashino


If you haven't read a Keigo Higashino book yet, what are you even doing with your life??? GO READ A KEIGO HIGASHINO BOOK!!!

This is my fourth Higashino book, and OH MY GOD, I'M BLOWN AWAY ONCE AGAIN! If these shouty capitals don't make you believe how great Higashino's crime thrillers are, then I must be doing something wrong. The best thing about Higashino's works is thee fact that his crime thrillers are never about whodunit? It's always either 'howdunit' or 'whydunit'. And Malice is no different.

This book is about two authors, one of them is Mr. Hidaka - the murder victim, and the other one is Mr. Nonoguchi - the prime suspect. The assigned detective for the case - Detective Kaga, used to work with Nonoguchi for a brief period of time and  knew Nonoguchi as a calm and reclusive person. When Detective Kaga starts investigating the case, he starts digging into the past of these two authors, in order to unearth the nature of their relationship. It is then that Kaga realizes, that these two people are not as the world knows them.

Honestly, Malice is so much different from other crime thrillers out there, because of the way it is written. The storytelling style is in the form of Nonoguchi's personal account in a written format and Kaga's notes. When you'll read the book, you can see for yourself that everything is found out in the second chapter itself. But no, THERE'S MORE TO IT. And then you'll think that the cat's out of the bag, BUT NO, THERE'S STILL MORE TO IT. And damn, then the climax comes and you'll be shell-shocked. SO GO READ THIS BOOK!!! 


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