Book review | Our Dreams At Dusk by Yuhki Kamatani

 I don't usually write reviews for mangas or even recommend them because I read mangas just for pleasure. But I have to let you all know about these beautiful works. And I vehemently recommend them.

Our Dreams At Dusk is about Tasuku, a high schooler who is grappling with fear on being possibly outed as gay in his school. He starts contemplating suicide, but as he is about to jump off the cliff-side road, a woman jumps off a window from the house beside the road. On following the woman, he reaches an abandon house where a quirky cast of people hangout and do odd jobs for the community. The mysterious woman goes by the name 'anonymous' and as Tasuku spends more of his days in this weird club, he finds out that 'anonymous' helps these queer people out, when they are at a edge in their lives, helping them live and laugh together, giving them a place of their own and a family.

As you go forward in the, you'll understand the backstories of each of these character - A lesbian and her girlfriend outcasted by her family, a trans man, a little boy who is confused about his gender identity, and an old man who got to be with the love of his life only in the last few years of his life. These characters in turn help Tasuku embrace his own sexuality and his feelings for another boy in his school.

I was quite unsure about 'anonymous', whether they're asexual or genderfluid, as the character they themselves say that anyone is free to assume who anonymous is. After reading these mangas, I went through the author info and found out that they're non-binary. In a way, I guess, the author wanted to 'anonymous' as themself. And it turned out so well. 

The book has an abrupt ending. While the side characters get their closure, Tasuku doesn't. The book also shows how Tasuku and the guy he likes comes close together, and a once confused Tasuku helps his crush (sorry, I already forgot his name) clear his confusion about his sexuality.

I'd highly recommend this manga to people. Read this even if you are not into mangas!


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