Book review | Second Chance by Kavita Bhatnagar


Author: Kavita Bhatnagar

Genre: Contemporary fiction

No. of pages: 196

Published by: Sterling Publishers

Published on: 1st August 2020

Format: Paperback

My rating: ★★★☆☆

She was only 26, pretty, intelligent, earning well and – divorced. Ragini had been on cloud nine once her marriage was fixed and certain that she was going to get all the love she had dreamed of – her marriage would be perfect and she would really live happily ever after. But soon the marriage turned abusive and Ragini walked out of the bitter, hurtful existence – shaken, but determined to create a new life for herself. This is the story of Ragini’s quest for love and companionship. Her efforts make her interact with different suitors and take her on a roller coaster emotional ride. Ragini’s travails to marry again show myriad hues where deceit and pretence come face-to-face with hope and aspiration. Will life give her a second chance?

Ragini is a young and successful woman, but after going through an emotionally abusive marriage and an equally emotionally challenging divorce, her only wish is to fall in love again and live a happy life.

Second Chance is about Ragini's tryst with a string of possible prospects who could give her the love she desired. She signs up on a lot of matrimony sites online, and meets a lot of men, but each of them leave her with a bitter experience. Inspite of her family and her best friend Mia being her constant support, she cannot shrug off the idea that she has to live alone forever.

In a way, these experiences help Ragini gain her confidence back, that was crushed after her manipulative marriage. She comes into the realization that falling in love is not the endgame in her life. After a few years of travails, Ragini finally finds the man of her dreams, but of course life is not easy and the couple have to fight through the obstacles together.

This book is a straightforward and short read. If you read fast enough you might even finish it within a day. What I couldn't get from this book is a certain emotional attachment that I usually seek from the characters of every book I read. Here, Ragini's character wasn't laid out properly, I couldn't feel for Ragini. Her story was kind of written in a black and white manner.

This book is written in a very laid-back manner. Won't make you think hard or anything, just a one time read. Chapters do not connect, jumping from one incident to the next so the timeline in the. Book wasn't smooth. It's was an okay read for me.

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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