Mini Book Review | Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi


Have you ever read a book that has not conclusive ending yet has made you feel good, feel grateful, or made you smile as you closed the book? Before the Coffee Gets Cold does the exact same thing to you.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold chronicles the idyllic events in a small coffee shop, in a quiet alley of Toyko. This coffee shop named Funiculi Funicula, host only a few regulars. This cool and quiet shop doesn't just serve the best coffee in the city, it also serves it's hosts a chance to travel to the past. But there are some conditions to be followed. The host cannot leave the coffee shop, the past won't be changed no matter what, and the hosts will have to drink the coffee before it gets cold, otherwise they'll be forever stuck in the past.

This cozy book is divided into 4 parts. In the first story, a visitor gets to confront her lover; in the second story, a wife gets to know her husband a little better; in the third, a visitor gets to see her sister for one last time; and in the third, a mother gets to meet her daughter whom she wouldn't get to see grow up.

I loved how each of these characters have a recurrent presence in all the stories, and in a way their lives become interconnected. Kawaguchi's writing style will give you a warm fuzzy feeling. The character's happiness will resonate with your happiness. And it will definitely make you question you whether you are happy at present. I legit feel glad I read this book! 


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