Mini Book Review | The Inexplicable Logic of my Life by Benjamin Alire Saenz


Sal starts his first day of senior year by hitting a classmate for calling his father a fag. Sal has always been known for his sweet nature. But as these sudden fights increase in his life, he starts questioning the only life he has ever know. His life revolves around his adoptive gay Mexican-American father, his mima (grandmother) and his best friend Sam. Sal has always been enveloped with his adoptive father's love and care, and his Mexican-American family has always been by his side. But when he realizes there's this sudden protective rage in him that makes him throw punches who calls his father names or hurts his best friend, he wonders whether this rage comes from his biological father. Sal doesn't know if he wants to know the truth about his past. But will things change if he knows it?

I simply loved this book. This is that book that will warm your heart, will make you want to hug the characters and whisper in their ear that it's going to be okay. I fell in love with the writing. It's so effing beautiful, it's lyrical, it's going to touch your heart. This book is filled with such beautiful quotes.

And this book is just not about Sal. It's about his father, his mima, his best friends Sam and Fito, and how each of their lives are intertwined. As fate would have it, due to unfortunate circumstances, Sam and Fito become closer to Sal. And they have this beautiful bonding of not just friendship, but it's more familial in nature. Sal's father - Vicente is officially my favourite fictional father right now. The sheer number of 'beautiful's mentioned in this review shows how much I loved this book!

"In the distance, I can see the storm coming in, the dark clouds and the lightning on the horizon moving toward me. I wait and I wait and I wait for the storm. And then it comes, and the rains wash away the nightmares and the memories. And I'm not afraid."

- The Inexplicable Logic of my Life by Benjamin Alire Saenz 


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