Book review | The Billionaire and the Monk by Vibhor Kumar Singh


Author: Vibhor Kumar Singh

Genre: Philosophy, Contemporary Fiction

No. of pages: 112

Published on: 31st August 2020

Published by: Notion Press

Format: Paperback

My rating: ★★★☆☆

The greatest wisdom is often found in the simplest knowledge. 

What if you learn that everything you have been taught about happiness is false? What if you realize that happiness is not a goal and therefore it cannot be achieved? What if you discover that it is the ordinary path that leads to extraordinary treasure?

This is a story about how two men from different walks of life learn that neither robes of honor nor the total renunciation of worldly life is required to enjoy the most fundamental human desire – happiness. 

It is a story about understanding that happiness is not a philosophical enigma but an attainable state of the mind and how one can cherish the greatest joys through the simplest and smallest acts of daily life. 

Let us uncomplicate happiness and find the extraordinary answer to the ordinary question: Are you happy?

When a billionaire decides to set up a hotel in Shangri-La, he decides to take a monk's help, who'd help him bridge the gap between the spiritual world and the materialistic world. As days pass, the billionaire and the monk exchange their views on happiness - what is it, how can one be happy, what makes one happy, how long-lasting is this happiness?

This book is like a journey. It starts with the background of these two men, then it proceeds to them discussing their agenda, then they talk about what they think is a healthy mind, they trade their individual opinions on how they function efficiently in their daily lives, and lastly they reflect upon what they have learnt from one another.

This healthy exchange comes from their respective experiences in life. The monk speaks about minimalism and meditation. He talks about a lot of other things he learnt in his years of living in the monastery. The billionaire, on the other hand, talks about schedule and discipline. He also talks about how money is important for survival and how one can spend money with optimum efficiency.

Along with this great conversational exchange, we get a glimpse of these two men's lives. Both of them are self-made, bother honest and self-dependent men. This short book will give you many great pointers on how to live a happy and fruitful life.

Really loved the crisp and analytical way of narration in the book. Even though I would have preferred if the author gave us an in-depth story about the billionaire and the monk, I didn't really mind the brief story. The book is full of pointers which is great, but it seemed like a self-help book instead of a work of fiction.

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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