Book review | Fractured by Shay Siegel


Author: Shay Siegel

Genre: Young Adult

No. of pages: 276

Published on: 27th October 2020

Format: Paperback

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐☆☆

Mason Vance is the guy everybody wants to be, and he knows it. He’s the best high school quarterback in New York, a shoo-in for a football scholarship at any school he chooses, and he’s expected to land in the NFL one day. That is, until a broken wrist leaves him fearing whether he’ll ever play again.

Desperate to save his damaged ego, Mason sets his sights on Lace. No cheerleader or homecoming queen like his usual type, she’s too wrapped in her own misery to fall for his pickup lines. Even though she tries to shut him out, she’s surprised to find he’s there for her when no one else is. Slowly, she lets him into the sad workings of her mind and less-than-perfect life, and Mason finds himself caring about Lace more than he’d ever thought possible. That’s why neither of them sees his huge mistake coming—one that instantly fractures everything between them.

Will Mason confront the ugliest side of himself, and in the process see who he’s capable of becoming, or will he fall back into the life he knew before Lace and his injury?

This is one book I really really wanted to like, but there were certain drawbacks that drove me away. The book revolves around Mason, who is the star player, the quarterback for his school's football team, and in his junior year, he breaks his wrist. All his dreams to get a football scholarship in college seems doubtful now. Mason now drowns in his own misery. His misery increases when he sees his best friend taking up his spot as a quarterback. In one of his visit to the hospital, he meets Lace. Lace comes with her own emotional and traumatic baggage. Mason is instantly smitten by Lace (even though she's not his type) and tries to impress her, but the problem is Lace has a lot of trauma that doesn't let her fall into flirtatious Mason's flirtatious trap.

The story sounds sweet and like a boy-meets-girl-and-falls-in-love sort of a book. Except, Mason is a super obnoxious, stereotypically toxic, casanova. All he cares about is how many girls he has slept with... and HE'S JUST SIXTEEN YEARS OLD! And he needs a girl who has had her share of sexual abuse/emotional abuse, to teach him that girls are not objects and should be treated with respect.

I mean I get it that this was the whole point of the book and the author wanted to show how teen boys tend to treat girls their age, but it was super cringing at times to see a sixteen year old being this obsessed with sex and girls. And this book can be triggering for some as it includes sensitive issues like anxiety, depression, self-harm and sexual abuse; but this is definitely not the mental health representation you are looking for. If you want a cheesy romance book that also has moderate levels of angst, then this book is for you.

Shay Siegel is from Long Island, New York. She is a Tulane University graduate with a B.A. in English, and former member of the women’s tennis team. She has an MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. Shay currently lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her boyfriend, Pat, and their giant-headed rescue dog, Bernie. 

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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