Book review | The Lady of the Cliffs (The Bury Down Chronicles Book 2) by Rebecca Kightlinger


Author: Rebecca Kightlinger 

Genre: Historical fantasy 

No. of pages: 262

Published by: Rowan Moon

Published on: 1st November 2020

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★★★★☆

Cornwall, 1285 CE

Now nearly seventeen, Megge and Brighida must endure another brutal loss. And as they perform the rites of transition that precede a burial, Megge accepts a daunting new charge that carries consequences not even her cousin the seer can predict. It brings visions. Dreams. And voices that come to her as she goes about her work.

A silken voice beckons her back to the cliffs of Kernow, which she has seen only in dreams. A commanding voice orders her back. And the menacing voice she’s heard since she was a girl is now ever at her ear, bringing a haunting new meaning to her grandmother’s words, “You’re never alone.”

But only when the tales of an old woman, a stranger to Bury Down, echo those voices and conjure those cliffs does Megge embark on a journey that leads to a secluded cove they call The Sorrows and a destiny none of the women of Bury Down could have foreseen.

This book continues Megge's story that was left off in the first book. Megge, who is born in a family of witches and seers and healers, has to embark on a journey to find her aunt and cousin. Also, she has to find the very book that she rejected, the book that would seal her powers as a healer and a seer. She's afraid of the curse, and she's afraid of the power. 

With the death of a family member, she realizes where her destiny lies - to become a witch. She slowly comes to realize her own powers. Her abilities as a seer makes her see visions and suddenly she can see a girl. She doesn't know whether that girl needs saving or she needs to save herself from the girl. 

As Megge prepares to find the girl from her vision, she uncovers secrets from the past, and finally comes to realize her own destiny.

The Lady of the Cliffs gives us a Megge that is facing her own fears. Megge's journey across Cornwall to the Cove called The Sorrows, brings forward her bravery and courage. And this is what I liked about this series. We slowly get to experience Megge's growth - it's not hurried or forceful, but it occurs with a beautiful pace.

I loved the story-building in this book. We get to see a lot of recurring characters from the first book, and each of these characters play an important role in this book. A lot is uncovered, and a lot is yet to be uncovered. This makes me look forward to the last book of the series.

In her twenty years of medical practice as an obstetrician gynecologist, Rebecca was privileged to care for the women of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Guyana. She now holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA program and studies ancient medicine, medieval midwifery and surgery, and the manuscripts and arts of the mystical healer.

A fulltime writer of magical realist fiction set in medieval Cornwall, she studies the history of Cornwall and travels to Cornwall to carry out on-site research for each book of the series. She and her husband and their pets live in northwestern Pennsylvania.

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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