Book review | Crushed Love by Moon Dena Clay


Author: Moon Dena Clay

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction 

No. of pages: 271

Published by: Notion Press

Published on: 5th November 2020 

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Adhira is a soft-spoken and studious teenage girl. She finds no one around her attractive until her eyes fall on a tall, handsome, and mischievous boy, Aryan. He is one class junior to her because of which Adhira decides not to confess her feelings to him.

As time erodes, betrayals and troubles start to entangle in their lives. Adhira's ex-boyfriend leaks her private conversations while Aryan's girlfriend cheats on him. Battling with problems in their personal life, they found peace in each other.
With Adhira dropping no clue about her love, how will Aryan get to know? 

Adhira is a school-going teen when she develops a crush. It all starts with her mother forcing her to join an English tuition near her house. Though Adhira is initially reluctant to go to these classes, she gradually starts liking them, and when the ever-charming Aryan shows up at the class, these tuition classes become her favourite time of the week. But Aryan is a year younger than her, and even though she has a massive crush on him she never gets to tell him about her feelings. 

As years roll, Adhira - now in college - is a heart-broken living entity because of her ex-boyfriend. She lives with her insecurities and loneliness now. When out of the blue, Aryan contacts her, Adhira once again experiences an exuberant energy of her childhood crush. Yet again Adhira fails to tell him about her feelings because of her recurring fears. As more years pass by, will Adhira finally be able to come at peace with her feelings? Will Aryan realize the special bond they share? 

Reading this book got me reminiscing about the time I used to have a crush. Crushed Love is a cutesy romance novel that you'll enjoy if you love simple, non-brain-racking romance novels. You will find Adhira relatable - whether it is her genuine omnipresent thoughts about liking a guy and a fear of rejection, or her growing insecurities because of a failed relationship. Adhira is all of us at one point of time. Her relationship with Aryan and Aryan's way of protecting Adhira from bad experiences is sure to melt your hearts. 

The chapters in the book are interspersed with poems written by the author herself. The themes of these poems reflect the corresponding chapters and gives us an intriguing view of Adhira's inner feelings. 

I also liked Adhira and Aryan's friendly rendezvous all across Kolkata and Port Blair. It gave me a sense of familiarity when it came to Kolkata, and made me experience Port Blair through the city's cuisine and scenic descriptions. 

Overall, Crushed Love was a easy-breezy read. It's for those who love a light-hearted romance novel with a happy ending. 

One thing I really enjoyed in the book is Adhira's character growth. Initially I was a bit frustrated with Adhira's inability of letting bygones be bygones, but it was a pleasure to read Adhira finally letting go of her past with Aryan's help. Even though I would have preferred Adhira becoming her own person by herself, it was kind of heartwarming to see Aryan helping and looking out for Adhira at every possible way. It was Aryan's way of showing what he felt for her. And I really loved how Adhira had finally become a charming and confident person (finally on her own) in the last leg of the book. 

Crushed Love is an easy book to read. The author has used a lot of colloquial Bengali-English hybrid terms and phrases that cannot be considered 'literature' in its true sense. Like ' Bermuda pants' and 'I showed attitude'. So if you can read past that then this book might be the perfect read to chill. The book is crisp and the plot is to the point. No chunky paragraph or hefty dialogues. So people who are new into reading might start off with this book. 

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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