Book review | God is Great by Dr. Joish Upendra Kumar


Author: Dr. Joish Upendra Kumar

Genre: Spirituality 

No. of pages: 88

Published on: 3rd September 2020

Published by: White Falcon Publishing

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★★★☆☆

The story of an Young Indian Scientist's journey to find his answers on Faith, Spirituality and God. It is a thought provoking and pleasant read.

When a young Dr. Madhav Joshi, a junior space research scientist attends a seminar by another renowned scientist named Dr. Pence, he realizes that science and spirituality has a fascinating connection between them. When someone asks Dr. Pence as to why he loves India, he draws many connections between Hindu mythology and Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Madhav's young mind is filled with passion for cosmology and astronomy ever since. 

Once an atheist, Madhav now tries to find answers about spirituality and faith through simple everyday acts. When Madhav gets a third chance to meet his first crush and love - Sangeeta, he thinks that there may be some divine connection that's making him pursue her. And when Sangeeta reciprocates this love, he becomes sure that his faith in love is no mere coincidence. Everything must be written in the stars.

From there on, Madhav goes on a spiritual journey to better himself and believe the cosmic 'accidents.' He starts taking observations from the nature, from simple incidents in life, and from his relationship with Sangeeta.

This book has an interesting take on a scientist's enlightenment on God and faith. This short read is going to make you question about your faith as well. How would you draw connection between science and faith? Though the writing could have been better, and the book is too short for my liking, it's overall an okay read.

Dr Joish Upendra Kumar is a Radiologist (doctor) and a medical faculty by profession and writer by passion. He hails from a placed called Hosapete in Karnataka. 'God is Great' is his first fiction novel to be published. He believes in writing on subjects, with which a common man can relate to and which can evoke a thought process towards a better world.

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.


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