Book review | The Script by Aashutosh Sinha


Author: Aashutosh Sinha 

Genre: Contemporary Fiction 

No. of pages: 289

Published on: 23rd August 2020 

Published by: BUUKS

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Rudra Shekhar, a management consultant is at emotional crossroads with his life oscillating between an extremely demanding professional life, long-distance relationship with school time girlfriend, Lasya and a dream to write a book depicting Mahabharat from the lens of its most destiny deprived character, Karn. His obscene obsession with Karn’s life was a subtle reflection of his failures in life in early teens that converted him from a dreamy-eyed boy into a God-abhorring teenager. As he starts penning down the chapters of his book unfolding the events of Mahabharat from Karn’s perspective, his life begins to take dangerous turns. Rudra is perplexed, disturbed and shattered. Was he scripting his destiny? Was his obsession with Karn and his abhorrence of God responsible for the events happening in his life? He stumbles upon some chanced yet interesting rendezvous with people on his quest to seek his answers on life, death, reincarnation, and self-discovery.

The Script follows the life of Rudra Sekhar, a management consultant who has a hectic and tiring life leaving him no time for himself or his girlfriend Lasya. His business travels is creating a rift in his long distance relationship and he starts reminiscing that his life has never gone according to his will since his childhood.

Rudra was a brilliant student, causing his parents - especially his father - to have high expectations on him. Rudra has always followed his father's wishes, which caused Rudra a mundane existence. With so much emotional turmoil in himself, Rudra finally decides to fulfill his one true wish - to write a book. He chooses a very unconventional topic to write. He writes about the Mahabharata from Karn's perspective. But as he pens down his book, he realizes that the events in his life follows the events in Karn's life that he writes about.

A stunned Rudra starts questioning his life, his fate, and the existence of God. Through many a journey and many a people, and his new book - Rudra discovers the answers to his questions. Rudra has always been repressed in his life - from his education to work life, he has followed other people's steps, but with his new book, he pens down all his emotions through the tragic Mahabharata figure - Karna. 

The Script has an interesting script. Though the plot falls flat in the middle, it has an interesting premise overall that made me continue the book. The to and fro the past and present scenarios were confusing at first but then you get accustomed to it. 

Apart from the story, I liked the characters in the story. The disciplined and strict father, the caring and kind mother, added to Rudra's character-building. Even Lasya plays an important role in Rudra's life. A tiring long distance relationship, and Lasya's obvious weariness from a lackadaisical Rudra, makes this story very realistic. Overall it was a good read.

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 


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