Book review | The Adoption by Zidrou and Arno Monin


When aging Gabriel's son and daughter adopts an orphaned girl from Peru, Gabriel doesn't know what to think of this foreign child who isn't of his own blood. Besides, he was barely much of a father to his own son... how is he going to take to being a grandfather? The story is made up of moments of sharing between the grandfather and the granddaughter, as well as various interactions around this dilemma with his wife, his lifelong friends, and his own son himself. But when surprise twists complicate matters, true feelings blossom and Life takes on a whole new palette.

A comic book filled with love in which we discover this old man gradually becoming a grandfather and allowing himself to be tamed by an absolutely adorable little girl. 

This was such a heartwarming book. This is not just a story about adoption, but it's about familial love and its bond. This book had its sweet moments, moments of despair and moments of hope.

Qinaya was adopted by a French couple after her hometown in Peru faced a devastating earthquake. Back in France, Qinaya's adoptive grandfather Gabriel tries his best to accept Qinaya into the family. Albeit the subtle xenophobia, the family is happy to have little Qinaya in their lives. Slowly, Gabriel eases up to Qinaya as well, and in turn Qinaya becomes an important part of the family.

But happy days don't last long, and Qinaya is taken away from the family. On a mission to see Qinaya again, Gabriel goes to Peru, where he discovers himself and his children - what it means to be a family.

Zidrou's story and Arno Monin's splendid graphics gives this book a beautiful form. The book is both mesmerizing and heart-breaking. The feel of being unable become a parent and the sudden loss of family is all too real. Along with, giving us readers a chance to visit Peru, and the alleys of France, The Adoption feels straight out of a soul-searching family movie.


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