Psychological benefits of reading


✨ Do you know reading books has psychological benefits? Along with knowledge, and use of semantics, reading books (especially fiction) gives us something that we are unaware of. ✨

🦄 1. Calming your nerves - a lot of us say that we read books when we are stressed out. It is true that reading books cause positive biological changes in our brain. There is heightened connectivity in the left temporal cortex of our brain when we read, which in turn increases neural connectivity with other brain parts spreading a sense of physical calmness (as all of the sensory parts of the brain are at heightened functioning).

🦄 2. Emotional engagement - bibliotherapy is suggested for patients who have experienced trauma or stress to such an extent that reduced their emotionality. Reading books help such individuals explore their feelings and emotions again. 

🦄 3. Creativity - and of course, reading books help you with your creative juices. Creativity in turn helps increase the frequency of neural connectivity in the frontal lobe and strengthens your memory, intelligence, learning and other cognitive functions.

🦄 4. Securing attachment - just like emotional engagement, bibliotherapy is suggested for individuals who have failed to secure attachment in the formative stages of their life. Such individuals use fictional characters to form social, moral and emotional attachments. They draw strength and support from fictional characters that they can relate to and who are otherwise absent in their real life.

🦄 5. Goal setting - in a way when you set reading goals, it helps you enhance your ability for goal setting and also time management.

🦄 6. Catharsis - in other words release of intense emotions. Reading highly emotional books help you release your repressed emotions. The more you cry, the better for you. 😉

Of course, there are many benefits. These are some that just came on the top my head. 🤗
So... Don't ever stop reading. Happy reading! 💜💜💜


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