Book review | Retrace Love by Malini Amaladoss


Author: Malini Amaladoss 

Genre: Romance 

No. of pages: 344

Published on: 30th December 2020 

Published by: Notion Press 

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Love so intense and passionate is meant to stay forever, but a speck of mistrust can shatter ’the heart of heart’ into a million pieces.     

Tina, a young TV Anchor falls deeply in love with a charismatic and sensitive Organ transplant surgeon, Ray. They are soul mates and their hearts beat only for each other. Tina anchors a story covering a high-profile medical case involving Ray. Tina blames Ray unreasonably, and breaks up with him. She buries her love for Ray and moves on, leaving behind all memories including her friendship with Meghna.  

Meghna and Neil fall in love at first sight, get married and start a blissful life together. But, Neil’s secret perversions and Meghna’s unprecedented decisions end their marriage abruptly. 

After a decade, Meghna, a single mother living courageously with zeal, meets with a terrible road accident and becomes unconscious. Meghna has Tina as her beneficiary. To Seek answers, Tina retraces the past with the help of Meghna’s journal. Circumstances lead Tina to meet Ray and realize the sensitivity of love and the enduring relationships that heart alone can fathom.

Can Tina embrace love again?  

Meghana is a single mother of her 4-year old daughter, living in USA. One day on her way back home, she meets a deadly accident that renders her comatosed. Meghana's ex-best friend Tina, receives a call about her condition, and she promptly leaves from Canada to visit Meghana. When Tina meets Meghana, she regains consciousness for a bit to tell Tina about her journal that holds all the secrets to her past - the cause of her broken marriage, the reason why Tina and Meghana are no longer friends, and a dark secret that only she knows about. When Meghana goes back in coma, Tina 'retraces' both of their failed relationships. Tina's with the enigmatic doctor Ray, and Meghana's with the charming civil engineer Neil.

Not gonna lie, the plot seemed intriguing. But whatever was inside... was just not it. The first thing that ticked me off was Meghana meeting Neil for the first time while she was wearing a bathrobe. If I was in a bathrobe and a random guy who met me for the first time was flirting with me I would have run away or cry out of embarrassment (even if that guy looked like a Greek God). And Tina falls in love with this super handsome doctor who removes her appendix. Another love at first sight that makes no sense whatsoever.

Second, when Meghana tells Neil her number, he says he has a good photographic memory and he will always remember her number. NO SIR! THAT'S YOUR AUDITORY MEMORY! Semantic inaccuracies in books are such a turn off to be honest. 

Third. Both these couples fall for each other on their first meeting. Confess their love in the second meeting. And on their third meeting, one of the couple is making out and proposing marriage, while the other is having sex and proposing marriage. I don't know any such progressive people who would have done that in real life. Really confused the hell out of me. 

The plot really gets interesting in the middle, where Tina starts investigating Ray's hospital as a part of her job. But this entire episode lacked substance. Also, Neil has an unconventional mental disorder, but the author makes no effort in exploring it. These characters seemed so superficial it physically pained my brain. It seemed these characters kept breaking up and making up just for the sake of the plot. 

So much could have been done with this plot. It had a tinge of suspense about what happens in the end and what Meghana's dark secret is (the only thing that kept me going) but I swear to God, these four characters were unnecessarily horny all the damn time. 

If you like reading books that have mindless sex and doesn't make you think at all, this book may be for you. 

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an unbiased and honest review. 


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