Book review | Battle of the Bullies by Fenyx Blue


Author: Fenyx Blue

No. of pages: 313

Genre: YA fiction, Contemporary fiction

Published on: October 28, 2020

Published by: Wisdom Works

Formats: Paperback, eBook

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Ebony, Eris, and Emani Robertson have been through so much more than most high school freshmen. When they were younger, they survived a school shooting that killed their friend and left their oldest sister unable to speak. After giving homeschooling a try, they enroll in a promising new academy, hoping for the best. The Robertsons soon discover, however, that their new classmates are anything but kind. A mysterious group of bullies known as the Dimes rules the hallways and spreads fear everywhere they go. All three sisters end up being targets of the gang and have to find a way to defend themselves. The triplets couldn’t be more different, but their loyalty to each other and to their school never fails. Along with diverse group of friends, the Robertsons do everything they can to uncover the identity of the Dimes and restore order to the school. As if their lives weren’t complicated enough, they also get sucked in to a much bigger game—discovering who was responsible for the attack on their old school. Can they bring down the Dimes and bring the murderer to justice, all while trying to make it through ninth grade?

Three sisters. One mission.

Emani, Ebony and Eris Robertson are triplets who are freshmen in a prestigious private academy. They each excel in various fields, and them with their older sister Alexis, all of whom have been in a terrible school shooting years ago, that rendered Alexis mute, decide to find their place in their new school. But they find themselves unable to do so. Their classmates and the upperclassmen are all adversaries for them. And the top dog amongst them all are the Dimes. A group of elite students who bully and keep the students in check (read: terror).

Battle of the Bullies takes an interesting view of bullying and aggravates the social message behind it. The Dimes of the school compete each other to take the number 1 position. The ones who bully the most and especially this year's target being the triplets and their sister, gets to be on the top. Through this book, the author brings out the evil mentality that goes on behind bullying.

The fresh and unique plot kept me going. Even though it felt a bit dragged at times, especially when the author kept exploring each of the Robertson sisters' relationships, Battle of the Bullies is the necessary need in today's YA contemporary scene. As the triplets continue the fight school bullies, and the reality behind their previous school's shooting, they deal with their sisterhood. In the faces of adversaries, only the family strength can douse the injustice.

I loved how each of the sisters had their very distinctive personalities, it was the cherry on top. I loved how the author portrayed the sisters supporting one another in their own ways. Ebony being the boss lady, Eris being the no-nonsense one and Emani being the soft-spoken and kind sister, along with Alexis who is dealing with her own mental trauma, makes this book an intriguing read.

The book is highly descriptive, which might be the reason why I didn't like it as much as I expected it to. There are a lot of things happening at the same time in the book, and with chapters from three povs, it took me some time to get accustomed to the timeskips (both forward and backward). I loved the dialogues in the book - the banters between the sisters and everything else, made this book a heartfelt, thought-provoking yet delightful read.

If author Fenyx Blue actually had a tattoo, it would be a heart. Ms. Blue has written every book with love. Blue is a teacher, coach, mentor, and motivational speaker focused on women and youth empowerment. She has written a young adult novel about bullying entitled Who Failed Johnny?, a poetry book about purpose named The Blue Ink Movement, and a children's book about the power of a solid father daughter relationship called Worth the Weight.

Fenyx believes in service to the community. After being chosen as teacher of the year for her school district, she continued to mentor teenagers and facilitate discussions about controversial topics like drugs, sex, violence, cyberbullying and mental health. She has been a guest poet for several women's retreats and workshops and loves the energy she receives from a live audience.

Throughout her years as an educator and youth ministry leader, Blue created Team Bully-Free Forever, a poetry team for her school, and a mentoring group called D.I.V.A.S to address the needs of young people. She is dedicated to teaching the next generation to follow their dreams and feels it is her mission to equip them for the future. Ms. Fenyx Blue is a proud mother of three beautiful children who inspire her to write each day.

You can follow Ms. Fenyx Blue @FenyxBlueInk on Instagram and Youtube.

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.


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