Mini book review | Dipti Udhao Rahasya (The Mystery Behind Dipti's Disappeance) by Nillohit (Sunil Gangopadhay)


It's penned by beloved Bengali author— Sunil Gangopadhay under his pen-name "Nillohit." The story is about Hem and Neelu who goes to Hem's cousin sister Dipti's wedding, only to find her missing from the house. The book is full with Hem and Neelu (two men in their late twenties) making wily— sometimes distasteful, sometimes obnoxiously hilarious comments about feminism and women. When they ask for help from a woman commissioner and a close family friend who comes off as a man-hating feminist, they soon discover the truth behind Dipti's disappearance.

Written in the late nineties, Dipti Udhao Rahasya (The Mystery Behind Dipti's Disappeance) is a sarcastic yet serious take on the patriarchal society and what it feels to be a woman in a men-dominated world. It also covers an intimate introspection about the changing world. I recommend this book to all the Bengali readers out there. It doesn't have an English translation but I wish everyone could read this book.


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