Book review | Undying: My Uncle's Son by Ambreen Hameed and Uzma Hameed

Author: Ambreen Hameed and Uzma Hameed 

Genre: Contemporary fiction 

No. of pages: 194

Published by: Fired Umber Books

Published on: 25th February 2021

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★★★★★

Christmas 1998 approaches and the Malik sisters struggle to come to terms with Heathrow's disappearance. A series of unanswered questions leads Sufya on a journey across the Holy Land. Back in South London, Zarina believes she is receiving messages from beyond the grave.

As the leader of the free world sends bombs down on Baghdad, anger boils over in the Muslim community. The family falls under suspicion and both sisters must pick a side.

My Uncle's Son is the thrilling conclusion to UNDYING

This book is the concluding part to the story that was left unfinished in the first book (refer to the previous review) . In the first book, we get to see two sisters— Zarina and Sufya trying their best to get the love of their life Heathrow, only to lose him for a second time. In this book Sufya travels to the settler colonies in Palestine to seek answers about Heathrow and Zarina decides to direct a play that will do justice to Heathrow's efforts to show Israel's atrocities to the world. 

Whatever satire and humour was there in the first book is completely gone, because this part gives you the brutal truth about Israel's oppression. Even though the book highly focused on this, the author duo uses this opportunity to highlight all the atrocities that Muslims face all around the world. Also, it covers the theme of how peaceful protests when held by any group/race of people that are non-White are viewed as a threat by the world.

Expect a lot of bomb-dropping moments in the book— from secret family histories to government-held secrets. This book will keep you under its spell, each chapter giving you some revelation, with characters and a plot that is sure going to break your heart and the siblings' relationship fizzling out. In this part you'll even find yourself sympathising with the characters you hated in the first book. I am keeping this review short because it's impossible to talk about it without spoiling the first book, but you get the gist about how good this book is.

Read this for the tragic characters, read this for bringing out how the world is blind to Israeli settlers ruining lives of people and children, read this to feel their pain, and read this for the people who would give up their everything for the Palestinian cause. 

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.


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