Book review | Guilty of Love, Your Honour by Rajesh Talwar


Author: Rajesh Talwar

Genre: Contemporary Romance

No. of pages: 176

Published by: Bridging Borders

Published on:

Format: Paperback 

My rating: ★★★

Love doesn’t need an invitation to enter your life!

This is what Luv, a lawyer, learns, when he falls in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. And that’s only the beginning to his troubles! 

Luv finds out Jeet, who works as a high-flying corporate executive, is to be married to Simran, the girl he loves, and he tries to keep his emotions under check. After all, there is a bro code Luv cannot break, especially since he, Jeet and Kartik have been best friends since Hindu College days. But falling out of love isn’t so easy. 

Jeet, on the other hand, cannot seem to get over Sabrina, the girl who unceremoniously dumped him. As he pines for her, he takes to the bottle, and his alcoholism spirals into an outburst Luv must control. 

Can Luv work his way out of this complicated case with the same ease he displays in the courtroom? Will he betray Jeet and confess his love to Simran? Or will he stand aside, as best friends should? 

No matter what, Luv remains guilty of love!

What would you do if you were to fall in love with your best friend's fiancée? The unquestionable loyalty that you have towards your friend will be shattered by the fragile thing called "love." And that exactly what happens to Luv, the charming lawyer who falls hopelessly in love with his best friend's fiancée. But the catch is, your best friend is still not over his ex-girlfriend. And your best friend is drowning in alcohol. What are you going to do?

Set in modern Delhi and casted with a clique of very flavorful friends, this modern romance indulges the ways of the uncontrollable heart. Luv's modern dilemmas require modern solutions. So when his heart aches for something unreachable, he tries his best to be loyal to his now-alcoholic friend and his feelings. This entertaining book will give you an easy-breezy Bollywood style romance and drama. 

Even though the plot is seemingly plain, what surmounts the plot is Luv and his quips and sarcasm. The writing style is very quirky. The author has given Luv a very sensible and sensitive sense of humour that makes this book even better. Sprinkled with Luv's flair for heart-fluttering hopeless romanticism, this book gives you a modern romance with tons of drama. 

Rajesh Talwar has written twenty-nine books, which include novels, children’s books, plays, self-help books and non-fiction books covering issues in social justice, culture and law

His novels include Simran, on aesthetics, and Inglistan, on cultural contrasts. An Afghan Winter and The Sentimental Terrorist explore the theme of terrorism. How to Kill a Billionaire reveals the workings of the Indian justice system. From the Lips of the Goddess – Mata Vaishno Devi is on the sacred feminine.

Rajesh’s plays cover diverse contemporary themes and historical retellings. They include Inside Gayland, The Bride Who Would Not Burn, Conquest at Noon, The Killings in November, Kaash Kashmir, Aurangzeb: The Darkness in His Heart, Gandhi, Ambedkar and the Four-Legged Scorpion, High Fidelity Transmission and A Nuclear Matricide.

His non-fiction works include The Judiciary on Trial, Courting Injustice: The Nirbhaya Case and Its Aftermath, The Third Sex and Human Rights, The Vanishing of Subhash Bose, The Killing of Aarushi and the Murder of Justice. Self-help books include How to Choose Your Lawyer and Win Your Case, Making Your Own Will, The Divorce Handbook and Indian Laws of E-business.

His books for children include The Three Greens, The Bearded Prince, The Sleepless Beauty, Fabulous Four Battle Zoozoo, the Wizard and Playwrights- A One-Act Play for Children on Human Rights.

He has contributed to The Economic Times, The Guardian, The Pioneer, The Times of India NIE, Manushi, The Sunday Mail and the New Indian Express. He is a sought-after speaker at Literary Festivals.

Rajesh works as Deputy Legal Adviser to the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan.

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.


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