Book review | The Blind Fate by Kanika Aggarwal and Utsaha Khare

Author: Kanika Aggarwal and Utsaha Khare

Genre: Contemporary fiction

No. of pages: 246

Published by: The Web of Tales

Published on: 9th October 2021

Format: Paperback

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Destiny, for most is a subject of chance but for a few it’s about their choice. For them it’s a not a thing to be dealt with the luxury of time, but with the strength of shaping it and the courage of facing its consequences. Trisha, a business leader in an IT firm based in Mumbai is an achiever by all means, having hustled through the rough of life for quite a part of her life. In her attempt to connect all the dots for her family’s, she realizes that she’s missed the one connect that matters the most – and that's with herself. The Blind Fate traces Trisha’s journey towards exploring her own self where every milestones in that journey is decided by a number on a mathematical series. Her quest to brave the unknown, unseen and unplanned leads her to explore the world that’s not just beyond beautiful but emotionally gratifying as well.. It’s a story of friendship and camaraderie, it’s a story of uninhibited love, it’s a story of breaking boundaries and letting yourself loose only to discover your true self. It’s a story about believing in the miracle of life and moving ahead with a leap of faith.

Trisha has been working all her life to achieve the perfect professional life. Born and raised in the city of dreams Mumbai, and busy chasing her goals, Trisha has seldom lived her life for herself. Until she meets Varun. Varun's carefree yet responsible lifestyle intrigues Trisha and she decides to take a leap of faith.

Always an admirer of the Fibonacci series, Trisha decides to leave her fate on numbers and follows these numbers as a "sign" that defines her life now. Thus the story follows her journey to Bali, where she makes friends and finally lives a life where she gets to work on her growth.

This book has a very pleasing take on platonic relationships, living-life-at-the-moment, and freely loving whoever you want. Even though the story tells you that leaving your life up to fate isn't a bad idea, somehow I felt that the book didn't have anything more to offer. I did love the sweet moments of friendship, and Trisha's unrestricted and unrestrained love though.

At the beginning of the story, the authors introduced a lot of jargons and technical introduction to Trisha's work life, which I felt was unnecessary. Also, some of the dialogues felt very clich├ęd. Otherwise, this book offers you a new outlook towards life. So you might want to pick it up because of that. 

The book is written in a very casual way, in layman's words, which makes it an easy read. The paragraphs are short and crisp. The story is not that gripping but the fun narrative makes up for it. 

Kanika Aggarwal has an impressive ensemble of experience behind her. Ranging from Montessori to Psychology to Entrepreneurship, she has delved into multiple subjects and it's vividly reflected in her understanding of human emotions and expressions.

A Punjabi at heart, she has lived in the truly cosmopolitan, colourful and boundary-less city of Mumbai. Kanika is a fashion major and her work has been exhibited at various national & international forums and works with global brands on areas of planning, strategy, design and operations.

Through her writing she intends to bring stories that celebrate the courage and triumph of love against all odds

Utsaha Khare, a serial entrepreneur in food, fashion and technology, has seen success and failure in equal proportion. Through his consulting engagements, he has travelled quite the world but remains deeply rooted to his origins in the hindi heartland.

His sensibilities have an eclectic mix of the rich heritage of the east and the commercial vibrancy of the west, having studied and worked across. From fraternising at business conferences to interacting with weavers in remote villages, he brings a unique perspective on emotional engineering and the faculty of relationship

I received a copy of the book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.


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