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Book review | Welcome to Superhero School by Gracie Dix

Author: Gracie Dix
Genre: Middle Grade adventure 
No. of pages: 294
Published by: Toast Industries
Published on: 26th March 2020 
Format: Paperback 
My rating: ★★★★☆
Welcome to Superhero School! Join Oliver, Jess, and all their friends on a mission to destroy the power-hungry, evil villains of Vork. From subterranean sewers to lush jungle, from dinosaurs to dragons, our heroes will be pushed to their limits in ways they’d never imagined. Will their collective Powers—Flight, Morphing, Invisibility, Mind Reading, and more—be enough for them to overcome the malevolence of Vork? Or will they stumble over their own doubts and painful histories? This action-packed journey of friendship, hardship, and humor will take our heroes to thrilling new heights and a deeper understanding of their own place in the world. But will that be enough—or will Vork always be one step ahead?
Gracie Dix's debut book is a fun Middle Grade adventure that takes you on a magical ride. There are only a few children who …

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