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Book review | The Gut by Payal Kothari

  Author: Payal Kothari Genre: Non-fiction No. of pages: 232 Published by: Rupa Publications Published on: 10th March 2021  Format: eBook  My rating: ★★★★☆ How does the gut affect immunity?  What is the connection of our gut and mental health? How can we cure issues like acidity, obesity and brain fog? The good news is that almost any ailment can be healed. The key is not just managing the symptoms but treating it from its root cause—the gut!  Your gut is a host to 100 trillion bacteria, good and bad, living in Synergy with each other to help fight against pathogens, diseases and germ attacks. It also helps accelerate your weight loss journey as well as build and boost immunity to fight any virus. The gut is also the main reason you can remember and reason things; it is where your fight-flight responses lay. It helps builds your cognitive fitness and protects your mental well-being as it is also your happy hormone secretor. However, modern lifestyle changes have made our guts more vuln

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